Monday, December 23, 2013

In her sexy Christmas jammies

Perhaps you've seen the family that made an awesome video Christmas card- a rap about their year to the tune of Will Smith's "Miami." If not, you should join the currently twelve million plus that have seen it on Youtube. The video went viral on the internet, and they've appeared on Good Morning America, Fox, CNN, etc... You really should take a look at the video- amazing production, well done, creative, and the perfect the art of the self deprecating humorous humble brag but bragging just enough so that it's normal Christmas card bragging and they're not accused of humble bragging. (my daughter learns Chinese, but it's at a public school; we just bought a brand new car, and it was a minivan, but it's a prius minivan; we both had parts in a major movie, but they were small parts, (added humorous almost sexual innuendo about how small the dad's part is) he brags on his family, but leaves the bragging about him to her... It's genius, and well done.

Plus, because this is a blog presumably about spanking, there's this:
Get that sexy ass over my lap!
Did I mention that the mom and dad are really good looking? They're in movies and run triathlons, and those F/M aficionados might enjoy the video of his butt right about :58 seconds into it. But in my mind she's seriously hot. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that family?!
Unfortunately, this is far more like my Christmas reality:
I can more easily identify with Clark Griswold than I can with the folks that made that video Christmas card. Dreams big, often fails, loving supportive wife but he lusts after other women, career stress, frustrating kids, extended family that's certifiably crazy coming over to (likely) turn Christmas into a nightmare such that I'll breathe a sigh of relief when it's all over, etc...

Wait, where were we? oh yeah- I was going to post something about sexy Christmas jammies. Back on topic: Yes, one can find sexy Christmas outfits to sleep in.
 But to me, there's just something... I don't know... snuggly... about pajamas. Especially Christmas pajamas.
Just want to wrap my arms around them and snuggle because it's cold outside. Maybe then slip my hands into them and warm up her bottom. Anyone else ever noticed that a woman's bottom can get quite cool in the night? They need some snuggling (and fondling). Or maybe it's just my inner spanko that sees those red stripes - almost like a candy cane- and thinks of something else:


PS. It's amazing what one discovers while looking up stuff on the internet for a post like this.  Such as the urban dictionary definition of candy caning. Interesting... Or this:

Good Lord, Jerry what are you doing?! And to my readers- you're welcome for that pic not inspiring a whole post on football, or one on Duck Dynasty that I almost published, neither of which had much at all to do with spanking.  If I don't post again until then, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

puppy dog eyes

Okay so... Who ISN'T a sucker for puppy-dog eyes?  Not me.

Well, sort of.

My adorable dogs have a safe place to stay and get their shots.  But pre-kids they used to get to sleep in our bed and get new collars for Christmas. Now... there's a dogfood ironically named "Priority" at our grocery store. It's the cheap brand. For those whose dogs are not their top priority.  But still... mixing dogs and spanking and one might normally think of a rolled up newspaper. I've never hit my dogs with a rolled up newspaper.

All that to say, I am a dog lover and wanted to say something else about Dana Kane's  Give till it hurts charity effort. Not many worthy causes allow you to help satisfy your prurient interests. This one does.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Buttcracker... sweet!!!!! (update)

Wow! can I say serendipitous synergy?... not so long ago I posted something about my idea of a spanking-centric update to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and called it the Buttcracker.  A couple of posts before that, I mentioned how my favorite burlesque performer, whose bottom I'd featured a year and a half ago was overtaking the internet. (No offense to Betty Blaze- I haven't seen her burlesque performances) 

Well, Michelle L'amour released a new video for the Christmas season, called... ahem... The Buttcracker. (the best part starts around a minute 30 into it.) 

Enjoy.  I did!

"The Buttcracker" by Michelle L'amour from franky vivid on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Buttcracker... sweet!

Okay so it's that time of year again. No, not yet the time to celebrate Santa Claus and/or baby Jesus. But definitely the time of year when productions of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker begin. I've always thought it was kinda sexy. Maybe a good portions of that thought is related to the time when I took a date to a performance of it. She used to be into ballet and despite some ribbing from my college friends about it being my idea, she liked it, and let's just say the date ended pretty well.
dare someone to caption this...
When I look up "sexy nutcracker" on the internet, there's an amusing smorgasbord of images.

Katy Perry a few years ago, courtesy of
Not talking about sexy nutcracker halloween costumes either, though there are several.
If I were a dominatrix, I like to think I'd be creative enough to bust out with the Nutcracker latex outfit about this time every year. (Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write!)

There's a definite connection between spanking fantasies and ballet, though. I still remember, about that pre-internet time, getting a combo story pack in the mail, complete with illustrations, featuring a story about a ballet instructor caning one of his pupils. I hid it in a backpack in my closet next to some old playboy and penthouse magazines.  Let's face it, ballerina's are fit, and nimble, and super sexy. Their training is undoubtedly vigorous.   Ample fodder for spanking fantasies.

But the thought came to me this week... cause I often think about spanking, and heard an advertisement on the radio for a production of The Nutcracker Suite... wouldn't it be funny if someone came up with a spanko parody about a Buttcracker. You now, maybe name a Christmas-themed big wooden paddle after the crack sound it makes when impacting a bottom? Are you listening Cane-iac?
found on google but pretty sure it's from
Or, on the other hand, maybe something about when one spreads the bottom cheeks, to make sure the entire bottom turns a uniform shade of pink, and peppers the inside of the cheeks (a/k/a the buttcrack) with little spanks from the fingers or even a small thin wooden spoon? I've always enjoyed these and referred to them as "firecrackers" but since it's Christmas time... maybe referring to these little spanks as Tchaikovsky's Buttcrackers is more appropriate, no? 
a few spanks right in there- just to ensure uniform pinkness!
Sadly, in looking up images for this post, I discovered that I was not alone in wondering about the Nutcracker/buttcracker  parody idea.  It seems someone has beaten me to it. There was an off-Broadway production last year called the Buttcracker, that's a trailer park parody, complete with a chorus line of Old Milwaukee cans. There's also a drag show with the same name. Oh well. Just a thought that popped into my head and thought I'd share. And maybe provide ample fodder to spanking producers to come up with some Christmas themed content.

If you've made it this far, here's a little treat- a video of a ballerina getting spanked. I think it's someone named Roselee Young from awhile back, and have no idea who has the rights to it, but found this version on a naughty movie tube site and thought y'all might enjoy.