Monday, December 23, 2013

In her sexy Christmas jammies

Perhaps you've seen the family that made an awesome video Christmas card- a rap about their year to the tune of Will Smith's "Miami." If not, you should join the currently twelve million plus that have seen it on Youtube. The video went viral on the internet, and they've appeared on Good Morning America, Fox, CNN, etc... You really should take a look at the video- amazing production, well done, creative, and the perfect the art of the self deprecating humorous humble brag but bragging just enough so that it's normal Christmas card bragging and they're not accused of humble bragging. (my daughter learns Chinese, but it's at a public school; we just bought a brand new car, and it was a minivan, but it's a prius minivan; we both had parts in a major movie, but they were small parts, (added humorous almost sexual innuendo about how small the dad's part is) he brags on his family, but leaves the bragging about him to her... It's genius, and well done.

Plus, because this is a blog presumably about spanking, there's this:
Get that sexy ass over my lap!
Did I mention that the mom and dad are really good looking? They're in movies and run triathlons, and those F/M aficionados might enjoy the video of his butt right about :58 seconds into it. But in my mind she's seriously hot. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that family?!
Unfortunately, this is far more like my Christmas reality:
I can more easily identify with Clark Griswold than I can with the folks that made that video Christmas card. Dreams big, often fails, loving supportive wife but he lusts after other women, career stress, frustrating kids, extended family that's certifiably crazy coming over to (likely) turn Christmas into a nightmare such that I'll breathe a sigh of relief when it's all over, etc...

Wait, where were we? oh yeah- I was going to post something about sexy Christmas jammies. Back on topic: Yes, one can find sexy Christmas outfits to sleep in.
 But to me, there's just something... I don't know... snuggly... about pajamas. Especially Christmas pajamas.
Just want to wrap my arms around them and snuggle because it's cold outside. Maybe then slip my hands into them and warm up her bottom. Anyone else ever noticed that a woman's bottom can get quite cool in the night? They need some snuggling (and fondling). Or maybe it's just my inner spanko that sees those red stripes - almost like a candy cane- and thinks of something else:


PS. It's amazing what one discovers while looking up stuff on the internet for a post like this.  Such as the urban dictionary definition of candy caning. Interesting... Or this:

Good Lord, Jerry what are you doing?! And to my readers- you're welcome for that pic not inspiring a whole post on football, or one on Duck Dynasty that I almost published, neither of which had much at all to do with spanking.  If I don't post again until then, Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas and so much happiness for you, Secret Spanko ! :-)

  2. Haha, my family absolutely hated me on Christmas Eve/Christmas because of this song. I was singing it non stop! It's pretty catchy.

    1. It is pretty catchy. I think you should post a pic of your Christmas jammies!