Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Buttcracker... sweet!!!!! (update)

Wow! can I say serendipitous synergy?... not so long ago I posted something about my idea of a spanking-centric update to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and called it the Buttcracker.  A couple of posts before that, I mentioned how my favorite burlesque performer, whose bottom I'd featured a year and a half ago was overtaking the internet. (No offense to Betty Blaze- I haven't seen her burlesque performances) 

Well, Michelle L'amour released a new video for the Christmas season, called... ahem... The Buttcracker. (the best part starts around a minute 30 into it.) 

Enjoy.  I did!

"The Buttcracker" by Michelle L'amour from franky vivid on Vimeo.

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