Friday, January 3, 2014

for those secret spankos on their own

I've been recently asked to help write something for kinky folks that are in the middle of Timbuckthree and without partners.  It's a project geared toward many different kinks, spankos just one of many. It's always flattering to be asked to write something, and in this case, it's obvious why I was chosen- I write for those that are into spanking but without an open outlet for that. duh. One thing was made clear, that it was relatively easy for those interested in spanking as a bottom to engage in their fetish, even on their own.  So without breaking confidence in the portion of a book I'm supposed to help write, I thought I'd open it up a bit to my readers.  Here's a portion of what I came up with: 
-Find 4 things in the house that could be used as spanking implements (spoon, ruler, hairbrush, paint stirrer etc) or you could break this up into several activities - find a wooden spoon and spank yourself with it, do the same with a spatula, etc.
-Give yourself 10 swats with each and then rank them in terms of severity.
-Give yourself 100 spanks with each of the household implements

-now set a timer and spank yourself steadily for 3 minutes. Which do you prefer? Which is more severe? (This can be increased progressively 200 swats/6 minutes etc)
-Give yourself a wet bottom spanking. Use either a wet washcloth or spray bottle make sure your bare bottom is wet and spank yourself as above. Stop midway through and re wet your bottom.
-Go to a store (walmart/target/walgreens etc) and purchase something that would be a good spanking implement. Bonus points- give yourself a test swat with it in the store.
-Give yourself a silent spanking. Get a tube of capsaicin cream from a drugstore (found near heating pads and icy hot type ointments.) start with a light coating on your bare bottom (wash your hands after applying) and leave it on for 15 minutes.
-Get a pocket knife and go into your backyard and cut a switch, take off the leaves, and use it on yourself.
-Bonus points, do it again, but this time go out into the back yard bottomless to cut it.
-Make contact with someone else into spanking on the Internet. (Chat, email, etc)
-Take a picture of your bare bottom- harder than you think.
-Send a pic of your bare bottom to someone with whom you've contacted
- Do it again but this time a pic of your pink or red bottom freshly spanked.
-Find spanking stories on the Internet. Read 5 and contact the author of your favorite one.
-Write a spanking story incorporating your fantasies -bonus points for posting it somewhere.
-Experiment spanking a body part other than your bottom (inner thigh, backs of the thighs, perineum, genitals, breasts)

Okay so what am I missing? any suggestions when it comes to self spanking? please let me know in the comments.


  1. You are not good at answering your e-mails Mr. Marks

    1. Ouch! kinda hard to tell whose email I haven't answered though when you post this anonymously though. ;-)
      Please send me a friendly reminder email and I'll answer it tomorrow.