Tuesday, January 21, 2014

interviewed by Natasha Knight

Natasha Knight is very successful spanking romance author. I've mentioned her before, not too long ago. This week she posted an interview of me on her blog. Several interesting points, and I might expound upon them in future posts here.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the email correspondence with her recently.  As a "thank-you" for the interview, she sent me a copy of one of her books Aching to Submit. It's about a woman struggling with her kinky desires and how to broach them with her husband.  It seemed like the most relevant of her published storylines to our discussions.
I started reading it, but to be perfectly honest, I thought it might be too romance-y for me. Wrong. It was hot! I kept reading and reading and couldn't put it down until I'd read almost the whole thing and had reached the climax. (Of the book... the climactic scene of the book... what did you think I meant?!)

Anyway, check out the interview, and I highly recommend her stories. Here's a short little sample of her work.

I imagine readers of this blog may not be avid spanking romance readers, but if they're all this good, you should be! I also wanted to publicly thank Natasha for the opportunity to share.


  1. Loved the interview and Natasha always gets me to a climax... I mean I always read past the climax. :)

    1. uhm... have to say I didn't read past the climactic scene of the book until the next morning. For some reason after the climax (of the book) I promptly fell asleep. ;-)

  2. :) That made me grin SS. Thank you so much for doing the interview and being so open. Based on the numbers, more people are intrigued by the disciplinarian aspect than I thought - glad it's not just me.

    Thank you also for writing up this post. I'm really glad you enjoyed the book...

  3. I'm about to check out the book and the interview! :)