Monday, March 10, 2014


The Texas judge who beat his daughter lost in the Republican primary last week. 

Background: Back in 2004 a teenage girl who had illegally downloaded files from the internet secretly recorded her dad taking a belt to her for having done so.  She posted the (warning- not for the sensitive) video of it on youtube in 2012, where it went viral, and to date has almost eight million views. She was interviewed on CNN, the Today show, etc... 

The video is horrifying to watch. It brought flashbacks to me, which I wrote about as a newbie blogger back when I thought no one was reading my fresh new spanking blog. Those flashbacks are echoed in some of the first comments on the Reddit story about him losing the primary: "I am 46 years old, watched the video and suddenly became 10 mom did that sort of shit to me. It does stay with you forever."
and in the Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (a/k/a "AMA") of the daughter who posted the video "The last whipping I got was at age 14, when my father suspected I had been holding hands with a boy on the way back from a ski trip. Shirt pulled up to my neck, pants down to my ankles, and a leather belt applied with great force over a 15 minute period of time. Welts which turned into bruises forced me to hide in a corner while dressing after gym class. My childhood was filled with all of the things that affected you. My dad was a preacher, and in my understanding had all of the control of my environment that your father did."

These flashbacks of abuse made me wonder, at the time I first posted, and to some extent still today... "Wait a minute... I like spankings. I get a sexual thrill from them.  Am I all fucked up and sick because of it? Did I become obsessed with spankings because I got them?" That video is the very definition of Sqwicky for me.

Admittedly, at the dawn of the internet, most of the stories about spankings involved childhood spankings. I read them. I liked them.  I think most spankos were exposed to spankings initially in childhood.  I've come to understand though, that for every spanko like me that got spanked, and is worried that they're sick and twisted because of childhood spankings, there's another who worries that they're interested in it because they never got spanked and thinks they're subconsciously seeking the love and affection and firm support they never got growing up.  I think I've learned enough in the last few years of talking to fellow spankos that I can now say comfortably that I am confident that a desire for spanking, or to be spanked, has nothing to do with whether or not one was spanked growing up.

A couple of additional thoughts:
1) I really admire Michael Masterston, the owner and founder of the family of spanking sites. He opens up here about growing up in Texas and his fascination with spanking.  I've written before about the evolution of a spanko, and how for a long time I was just a consumer of stories and videos. I think he's someone who has mastered the consumerism among spankos, and that maybe his voice is lost in the spanking community because he's opening himself up, but only to those who subscribe to his website. Again, I'm a big fan of his work, and admit that I subscribed to his website months and months and months at a time even way back when I didn't always have reliable access to the internet because they were pioneers in spanking video and I wanted to support that company.  All that having been said, I'd like to issue him a challenge, and I don't have an open communications channel to do so... Every new model for that site he asks if they were spanked growing up, and then asks details about it.  I'd challenge him, in light of this post and the truths behind it, to stop asking that question of his new models.  

2)County Court at Law judges are a unique breed.  The quintessential big-fish-in-a-small-pond.  Texas elects all state and county judges.  I looked it up and couldn't find reliable data on this, but in my experience it's really rare for a sitting CCL judge to lose in the primary.  I haven't had a hearing in front of a CCL judge in years, though as we attempt to streamline the justice system. CCL judges may likely take a more prominent role in the years to come.  Still, it should be pretty embarrassing for a multi-term CCL judge to lose at the primary level, when there's not even a Democrat running for it. Certain counties vote certain ways... no Republican is going to get elected to the judiciary in Dallas or Harris county, and no Democrat candidate is going to get elected in the county in which he was running.  By the way, I looked up Judge William Adams, and there's no disciplinary actions against him on the state bar website.  


  1. If anyone who shot me for an ADULT spanking video asked a bunch of nosy questions about my childhood spankings, I would have been grossed out beyond belief. And I wouldn't have answered. I'm not going to provide anyone with wank fodder over kid stuff. (shudder)

    And I agree with you -- I don't believe there is a connection between childhood spankings and adult desire. The childhood experiences may have stoked the fire (or just made the fire pretty damn confusing), but the spark was inborn.

    1. People are interested, and I'm sure that's why that question is asked. That spanking site is certainly not the only one- I've seen it asked in countless interviews. It was just fresh on my mind when I wrote this. I haven't always bought into the idea that being spanked as a kid had nothing to do with a spanking fetish, but I now think that's the case. Because of that, I think it's kind of creepy to ask about childhood spankings.

  2. I just don't get your challenge. I see it as getting to know about each other conversation. And he is trying to share with his audience what they would ask the woman. I sure don't see it as wank fodder. This one just slides over me.

    1. Maybe a "challenge" like that was a bit over the top. Who am I to tell him how to run his business? The illustration about old school justice was probably more than a bit over-the-top as well. Perhaps I should have just said "I wish he wouldn't" - but it's always sorta bugged me. I guess to some extent it's a fairly natural question, but it would be better to ask if they've been spanked before than if they were spanked growing up. If an adult interest in spanking is independent of whether one was spanked as a child or not, then what is the question about except feeding the audience's interest in childhood spankings? maybe I'm reading too much into it. Glad you don't see it as wank fodder, and thanks for the comment- I always welcome opposing views.

  3. would be better to ask if they've been spanked before than if they were spanked growing up.
    I agree that would be a better question.

    I drafted a post this afternoon on the subject taking off on Erica’s post about it.

  4. I've not seen these videos but indeed I find it inappropriate to ask about details on childhood spankings.

    If I were running a spanking video business, I'd ask
    1) Have you been spanked before?
    2) Would spanking risk triggering bad memories?
    3) Have you been spanked with [implements that are to be used]?

    1. those aren't bad- some context and understanding would go a long way, I'd think.