Tuesday, April 22, 2014

new comments on old posts are pretty cool

My most popular post ever was one about how the 1st post of a spanking blog is often pretty cool, and why that's the case. If you haven't read it. the link is to your left, unless you're reading this in the mobile version, so here it is, just in case. Recently I was called out by a friend because I've been remiss in responding or replying to comments on my blog.  Guilty.

So I went through and tried to reply to several older comments, went through my "comments awaiting approval" folder and discovered that new comments on old posts are pretty cool.  For whatever reason, blogger is set up so that comments on older posts are marked as spam or as needing moderation before approval. Fair enough- I just hadn't checked those folders in awhile, and found some good stuff.

Some are sort of mundane. "Nice story." by anonymous in late 2013 on a post from early 2012. And I've dealt with old comments before- I posted something on problems with spanking social sites back in April 2012 that has had ongoing comments for over a year.  But I recently took another look at old comments and some are more fun.

  • An anonymous commentor* wrote about his red-headed wife who tried but is not into spanking. (post was from Jan. 2013, comment in Feb 2014)
  • An anonymous professor wrote about sorority girls visiting his office in a comment dated Aug. 2013 on a post from April 2012.
  • A couple of comments from Don't Clench (posted Sept 2012) dating up to more than a year later.

There are some I don't quite know how to respond to, like the anonymous comment on my post titled "vulnerability" from Sept. 2012. Someone (anonymous) posted something (kinda creepy) a month and a half later about taking off a woman's bra to make her feel vulnerable, and then someone commented, in June 2013 "JUST FUCK OFF & GO TO HELL, STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS !!!"  Really. okay... I guess it's not spam, since it didn't have a website at the end of the comment. If you take the time to type it, and I don't think it's spam, I'll okay it, even if I disagree.

Perhaps the most fascinating of the old comments I came across were those related to my interview of Betty Blaze. It was posted back in Dec. 2012.  Some anonymous commentor at the time wished I'd asked her about being spanked growing up. I didn't ask that because I think it's creepy to ask that, but I responded that I figured that had been asked and answered as a part of the punishment profiles for realspankings.com. More than a year later, I was more forthcoming about how I thought that question being asked of the spanking models was creepy. Within a couple of weeks, there was a comment on the old Betty Blaze interview: "No, Betty was not asked that question in her Punishment Profile. In fact, in the early punishment profile, they never asked if the girls were spanked growing up.
Please ask her."
I guess people really are interested in the (IMHO creepy) answers to that question, but on the other hand- they are actually paying attention to what I write.

Perhaps the best gem I discovered was a response to a post entitled "Another real life sorority spanking" from July 2013.  It was a story involving a sorority at NC State, and I included some pictures I found of NC State cheerleaders and sorority pledges.  Bless his heart, recently Charles Kret in Massachusetts read that entry and tried to post about five comments that he was willing to give or receive spankings to/from females in the area. Apparently he was frustrated by the need for moderation of comments on old posts, so he tried several times posting the same or similar comment. I decided I'd "publish" a couple of them. So if you're in Massachusetts and you're a female and into giving or receiving spankings please look up Charles Kret. I've looked for him on fetlife and would invite him to be my friend to help him out but no luck so far.

To all of you that are bloggers reading this, I ask you to take another look at your spam folders or comments to be moderated - you might find something amusing.

*Why does spell-check not accept "commentor" or "commenter" but will accept "commentator" which I think of as a talking head on a news program?


  1. I'm going to have to go check out some of those older posts now. :) Some comments can be seriously creepy, can't they? But it's nice knowing people are paying attention. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Kenzie! agreed that some of them can be creepy- but still fascinated that folks are reading old entries.

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    1. so is it spam if there's a link at the end of the comment, but it's a spanking related link? I guess not.

  4. I've been lurking on this site for about a year and I found out about Fetlife through your posts, so I thank you.

  5. I have had an inverse experience from you to some extent. Been with my SO for nearly 20 years and didn't admit my spanko yearnings until we'd been together for 7 or 8 years. I regret that! Even so, he's kinky and has been willing to work at spanking me, after 12 years of practice he's gotten quote good and has begun to discover his toppy side and have fun with it. I have explored other kinks with him over the years and I think it comes down to having the same kinky mindset - even if you don't share the same fetishes. This is what has worked for us anyways.

    Thanks for opening up the dialogue on all this.

    1. I'm extremely happy that this has helped open the dialogue between you two, and I hope you enjoy fetlife- a lot to explore there. After 12 years of practice, I'm sure he's gotten good and probably more experienced than me! welcome to the blog and thanks for these comments.