Thursday, May 1, 2014

hate to kick a man while he's down, but...

I suppose that racism is worse than spanking right? That's something we all can agree on. Now what if it's non-consensual parental spanking of a teenager? Still worse than racism? A tougher question. But apparently the American public (or at least the editors at Sports Illustrated) certainly agree that racism is far worse. 

See, unless you've been living under a rock you've heard about how the owner of the LA Clippers was banned for life from the NBA after recordings of his racist conversations with his several-decades-younger African American girlfriend were made public.  He's 80 years old but apparently was and is a genuinely bad guy.  Several years ago, an agent was at his house when he ordered his son to get naked for a beating. Seriously? And what's maybe worse- it was done in the presence of an agent trying to negotiate a deal, so it might have been, if possible, more reprehensible- he beat his son as a negotiating tactic?!

And that story was quashed by an editor at Sports Illustrated because they didn't want to demonize them man. Cause, you know, he was such a good guy. If you're interested, check out the amazing, humorous, yet bizarre deposition testimony where he talks about getting sucked and licked. Not sure how the attorneys, much less the court reporter, kept a straight face. On a more somber note, his son later died of an overdose

I hate to be the spanking blogger who just brings up news stories about and comments on how spanking/beating one's children is a bad thing, but... when it's in the news and no one else is commenting on it, I will.   He's an evil man, not just because of his recently made public comments, but a history of just being a- well a bad person. But I find it interesting that an eyewitness account of him beating his son made not a ripple in the national media.

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  1. That's so f-ed up. I grew up in a community of people where beating the crap out of kids and even bruising them doesn't make a fly blink. And why did nobody comment?