Wednesday, June 11, 2014

look closely between her legs

This isn't one of those blogs that just posts hot pictures - typically I try to say something of interest, and just use pictures I find as an illustration.  I'd started writing something about whether hiney vs. heinie is the correct spelling, and maybe including a German theme, when I came across this heavenly hiney/heinie.*

Wow. Breathtaking. Such symmetry.  Those are womanly curves, and glorious. I could (and did) stare at it quite awhile. But in my staring I discovered something: wait... what's that? Look closely between her legs.** Here's a link to a larger image. Yes, it appears that there's a mirror in front of her, and her hand is uhm... occupied. Seemingly impossible, but seeing that tiny detail makes this picture significantly sexier.

*Photo of Michelle L'Amour, taken by Franky Vivid. Found here and used with permission. I admit to having a bit of a crush on Michelle, and have referenced her a few times before on my blog.

**I think my very first comment on any spanking blog was on a rant by Erica against shots directly behind the spankee showing their naughty bits between their legs. I pointed out that perhaps embarrassment is an element of spanking, which started an argument, which started a friendship. One can always see something sexy looking closely between a woman's legs, but rarely has this been captured quite as awesomely as in the picture above.