Wednesday, August 6, 2014

inspired by Hermione's "from the top shelf" -Harry Potter scared about getting the cane

Earlier this week, the perhaps ironically named Hermione posted a brief excerpt from a Stephen King novel containing a scene with a couple of belt "whuppins".   I found a spanking related reference in another best-selling novel this month, and figured it was worth mentioning.

As it turns out, I'm reading the first Harry Potter book a chapter a night to my kids as a bedtime story. I'll admit, it's a bit of a beating - pun unintended. Now I'll also admit that I've read a whole bunch of stories about British boarding schools through the years, and most are much shorter and involve students getting the cane. Hogwarts is a British boarding school. So perhaps I shouldn't have been, but I was shocked when, in Chapter 9, there's a reference to caning.  Harry has just shown himself to be surprisingly adept at flying with a broomstick, and for an admirable reason, but in doing so has broken the rules.  A professor sees what he has done, and summons him to come with her. He's afraid he will be expelled or caned. When I was reading it I almost saw the word "cane" in the next line before I read it and tried to read it quickly, hoping my kids wouldn't ask what that meant. Fortunately, they didn't. There are a lot of weird words in the book, and a lot of strange customs and I think they only grasp the main points of the story anyway. 

I looked on the internet to see if there were any references to that scene/line in the book and I couldn't find much, save for the comments here. However- I was shocked to discover that there are over 100 fan-fiction stories written about spanking in the Harry Potter universe, as well as another 50+ more in a separate section involving pure discipline (without sex). Seriously.

I admit that I wouldn't mind reading about Hermione (the character, not the blogger- well, okay maybe her too) getting caned later on- like several books later- after she's of age. Hopefully by that point I won't be reading it as a bedtime story!

I couldn't find any good illustrations for this post. (They're all holding magic wands, not canes or switches!)
But I did find one amusing image with a search for "Harry Potter spanking" and I'll leave you with that...


  1. When I read about boarding schools I always think of caning as a possibility. Rowling was writing for a modern child audience so I guess that's why she wouldn't have included actual canings. I've read several fan fiction stories about Hermione getting spanked by Professor Snape.

    The other Hermione

  2. Thanks for the comment; I didn't know as much about Snape until the end of the 1st book!