Wednesday, August 13, 2014

male gaze/female gaze vs. the undefinable topless F/M OTK spanking

The "male gaze" was decried decades ago by feminists as a feature of "gender power asymmetry in film." Briefly stated, the "male gaze" was premised on the belief that that women were objectified in film because heterosexual men were in control of the camera.  So there would be a - perhaps unintentional, yet misogynistic focus on womanly curves of the actresses portrayed on TV or film.   Fair enough. Maybe so. I'm more likely to watch the weather or traffic when someone with boobies like this on.
But in the past few years, there has been an increasing focus, on the internet at least, on the female gaze. And those who hope to inspire it. 
Good for them.  Personally, I think bountiful boobies and jiggling asses on women are far more pleasing to the eye, and designed/evolved to please the male eye vs. a penis, which is sort of just functional, but maybe I'm just a really male-centered male.  But if ladies like to gaze at men- more power to them!  So let's turn to the far less (possibly) male-centered world of F/M spanking:

Actually, a great deal of that focuses on female curves, even if not explicitly...  A lot of F/M spanking focuses on the female curves, but purposefully doesn't show the "naughty bits" of either gender.
There are plenty of examples of topless femme dommes, but that's not really what I'm talking about- I won't pretend to understand the sexual appeal there, but I have no doubt the "gaze" is geared toward males.
But the F/M otk spanking does appeal to me, and for the most part, those scenes include a fully clothed woman, or one in lingerie teasing but not showing anything inappropriate.
I've found some F/F scenes where the female spanker is topless
And some undoubtedly female gaze shirtless men spanking women...
But the topless female spanking a man OTK is fairly rare. 
I first saw such a movie way back when was a tiny site in its infancy with a few realplayer movies over a decade ago. There were a few videos of the "webmistress" spanking the "webmaster" - normally at that point I avoided F/M videos or stories... but well, her boobs bouncing when she spanked him were sort of appealing to my male gaze... The act of spanking OTK involves lifting up the arm and the contraction of the pectoral muscle, which in a woman typically involves the male-appealing bouncing and wobbling of the boobies... but if it's the man bent over her knee getting a spanking, can even a feminist decry the male gaze at such a sight given what's going on in such a scene? The spanker is exposing herself, but is obviously in a position of power. Where does one draw the line between the frequent giving a spanking in a swimsuit and the far less frequent giving a spanking with your boobies bouncing? Perhaps some blame falls on the professional spankers who think (mistakenly) that if they don't take their clothes off that they'll be immune from any law enforcement action should they be questioned.  Another factor I'm sure is that studios filming F/M scenes fail to take into account the appeal of topless F/M scenes, because they're so rare to begin with, and because, if given a choice, the models would presumably keep their tops on.  In my (ever so humble) opinion, there are far too few F/M spanking scenes involving topless women.  Perhaps there's an intimacy involved that appeals to me, or maybe I just like to see boobies bounce.

p.s. the death of Robin Williams sucks. And I don't give a whit about most celebrity deaths. 


  1. I love your posts! You crack me up and I love that you're so thorough in your research... :) I think you just like to see boobies bounce!!