Tuesday, September 9, 2014

thoughts on consent #1 - "the fappening"

This started out as a very long post, and I've decided to divide into three separate posts since you know, I post so often nowadays!  

Part two will deal with consent in a fictional spanking setting and part three will deal with my thoughts on consent in spanking play.

But for now... Surely you've heard of the hacked celebrity nude photos in the last couple of weeks. It was kind of a big deal and someone came up with a name for the situation. The fappening. The FBI is investigating. Seriously.

I've discussed before my thoughts about why we like to see naked celebrities. I think it's not just that they're better looking than us, but the fact that we "know" them and get to see them naked. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself. So of course I looked. I know, shame on me (more on that later) I can't post a link because links keep appearing and disappearing quickly as a game of cease and desist whack-a-mole has developed. 

For the most part, I was disappointed. I guess I'm really out of it when it comes to current celebrities but there weren't many names I recognized. I do follow sports though, and soccer player Hope Solo looked better in ESPN magazine.

Of course I also recognized SI swimsuit model Kate Upton. Most of the photos were relatively tame- these were, after all pics sent on iPhones. But Kate sent lots of good ones. I thought, "Who can blame her? She's probably one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet?" 

But then... I was looking at a list of the celebrities, and a couple of them had the pictures removed because apparently they were underage at the time the photos were taken. Well good, I thought, there's honor among thieves, er... hackers. but turns out those were banned by Reddit early on. Then I started thinking about it- we as a society don't allow the posting of underage news because they have not attained the age of consent.  It's one think for bajillions of naked pictures of folks to be all over the internet, but those folks were old enough to consent to allow that. We don't allow pictures of sixteen-year-olds because society has deemed them too young to give informed consent to sexual acts or to display their bodies.  But wait a minute, you know what? the other ladies in those pics didn't give their consent either, right? they meant to send those pics to someone, but not the world, right?  

And so I felt bad and decided not to look at them again. Yeah, I probably knew that to begin with, but just shows that my logic can get in the way of even my rationalization.

(As an aside, and this is probably worth a whole 'nother discussion in and of itself, but one which I'm not going to touch! -girls are entering puberty earlier, but age of consent laws are higher than at any point in history.)

You read through all this and there were no fun pictures... well, you know what I can rationalize though? Consensual modelling accidentally published without photoshop touch ups, So here you go:
Kate as she appeared in the swimsuit issue
And the photo that was accidentally published on their swimsuit site. Notice the tattoos on her finger and wrist, brushstrokes, and her uhm... lady bits. Shes a beautiful woman, after all, not a Barbie doll...

And another:

and here's that missing nipple:

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