Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tinkerbell gets spanked

I was inspired recently when I saw a pic on fetlife of someone dressed up as Tinkerbell. Of course, I can't use that pic here, but it got me thinking. I've always sorta assumed Peter Pan was gay, but... he keeps a cute faerie locked up in a jar and spanks her when he needs pixie dust.
And let's face it, Tink is kinda hot, right? Perhaps when Peter was in dire need of lots of pixie dust, he really laid it on, and just his hand wasn't enough...
thanks Desiring Discipline
I suppose she does have a cute little butt...

Halloween is coming up, and every woman's costume must be the sexy version of the character, right? Tink is a good choice.
Cause Tinkerbell is naturally sorta sexy.  The character has a short skirt. It's not as unnatural as say, a sexy jelly fish

or a sexy snowoman (is that a word?)
In looking up images for this post, I found some young ladies into cosplay as Tinkerbell:
Love that smirk, that pout, and would love to lock her in a jar and spank her whenever I felt like it. (Sorry, where was I?) Unfortunately, the real Tinkerbell is only a few inches tall, and spanking her is more likely to look like this:
from Wolfie toons
However, for all you ladies dressing up as Tinkerbell, just know that taking an occasional spanking is part of your character!


  1. Tinkerbell has been described as the epitome of impulsive, provocative femininity in fact. "She represents in positive terms, the model of the woman who is liberated, authentic, and devoid of pretense and hypocrisy. In negative terms, she is childish, undisciplined, irresponsible." She is also the epitome of a what one would want to spank in an old fashion way!

    1. that's a lot of big words, but it actually makes sense. I'm curious- where was the quote from? Literary criticism of old Disney movies? or was she in the original novels?
      ps- realized my blog list was hopelessly out of date- tried to prune a bit and added you.

    2. The quote are from a psychology journal based on the character in both the book and the Disney movie, but mainly the movie is referenced since that reveals more of the character.

      PS Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, but I actually don't see it on the list.

  2. Nice post. What's up with the sexy jellyfish? I mean is it even really sexy? Lol

    thanks for sharing!

    1. I don't know but I seem to be mesmerized by the eyes on that thing!