Monday, November 17, 2014

Kardashians spanked

Even if it didn't quite break the internet, Kim Kardashian's recent nude photo shoot caused quite a stir.  Not gonna lie- I thought they were hot. I love curves. But you know what? They'd have been maybe even sexier if they'd been more realistic.
photoshopped wasp on the left, re-photoshopped vision of what she really looks like on the right
Am I alone here? In the pictures above, one looks normal, the other looks like an alien creature.
No, that's not what I meant. The Kardashians (as opposed to the Star Trek Cardassians) have a genetic disposition for being blessed with an ample booty.

Okay so setting that question aside, I can't be the only one that want to spank that delicious bottom, am I? A quick google search reveals that I'm not.
Perhaps this isn't the same Kardashian- I get them confused, but she has the same genetic disposition.
And a closer shot makes it look like she's enjoying it:
And you know what? There are a few more interesting images... here are "butt" a few:
So Kanye, you're a lucky man.
And so are you, Lamar Odom, Miles Austin, Reggie Bush, some stupid tv show host I've never heard of, another Kardashian, etc... I think every spanko in America would love to smack that bottom, or turn a Kardashian over our knee, or at least I would- photoshopped ideal or not.

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