Sunday, December 14, 2014

Update on Kardashians getting spanked- forgot to include Kendall Jenner! (and exploring her possible motivations for recently posing getting spanked - hint - British porn censorship related)

Recently stumbled across another image of a Kardashian (well, sort of... their half sister) getting spanked, and thought I should post a follow up to my last post
Geez, has it really been since Nov. 17th that I've posted something?! It turns out the image above was from a short video posted as a type of naughty advent calendar type thing provided as a treat by Love Magazine. (Her little video was the treat for December 8th.) Perhaps Kendall saw my earlier post containing pics of her half sisters getting spanked and was jealous, and wanted to be included in the naughty fun! 

However, in researching this post, I discovered that appears not to be the case.  As it turns out, not long before I posted that, Kendall turned 19 on Nov. 3rd. And Fox news joined in recounting how she got a birthday spanking from a stripper. Turns out TMZ obtained a brief video of her getting whacked on the butt with a "policeman's" baton.

So I was just remiss in not including this in my post about Kardashians getting spanked a little over a week after it happened.

It made me ponder about her motivations again. I figure there are a few possibilities:
A) She read my post and thought "Gosh I was just in the news last week for getting spanked, what else do I have to do to get noticed by Secretspanko on his blog?!"
B) She has no earthly idea about this blog, but kinda got excited when the cop stripper spanked her and, a budding spanko, wanted to try it again. (Not likely, but far more likely than "A")
C) She thought she'd capitalize on her recent publicity for getting spanked and turn it up a notch in an attempt to gain even more publicity. (more likely still)
D) Perhaps a bit of combining "C" with a tweak or a wink at the recent British ban on certain online porn activities, including spanking. 

I'd sure like to hope the correct answer is D.

Wait, what?? Yup. See, Love Magazine is a British publication.

For those that don't know, this month the British government banned producers in that country from filming several sexual acts in online content available to purchase. Among those acts banned- facesitting, squirting, fisting, and uhm... spanking and caning. The discussion of this is way more in depth than I can do justice to here. I urge you to go to Pandora Blake's blog. She has an extensive discussion on the ban, and its ramifications. And a tip of the hat to her for pointing out the photo at the top which led to this post. The little video and brief spanking scene were published post ban. Perhaps Love Magazine is in support of Pandora, and others like her, affected by it. Or maybe rather than make a political statement, they're just trying to capitalize on the media attention and get some more publicity.

P.S. I'm pleased that both Dreams of Spanking (Pandora's site) and Spanking Sarah, two websites I've enjoyed have said they will continue to produce spanking content, despite the ban.

P.P.S. Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest.  I've been plenty critical of Republicans and Fox News here in the past but going back to my philosophical and political roots... I saw the topic come up in a discussion on Fetlife and the point was made about how surprised some were that the U.K. was that culturally conservative.  This is probably a reflection of my own politics, but I don't think it was a result of being politically culturally conservative at all. This was a pointless and micromanaging regulation imposed without any electoral input (much less cost/benefit analysis or foresight) by an out of control bureaucracy - in other words, a failure of liberalism.

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