Tuesday, June 9, 2015

corrections, and eating crow

A pet peeve of mine is when news organizations publish a story as if it's a big deal, causing an uproar, then issue a correction, but the correction is not nearly as prominent as the original story. Some examples.
So rather than edit my post about whiplr and insert a correction, I figured I should post an equally an equally prominent statement explaining how I was wrong.  So here goes:
I posted a series of A) through E) reasons why I did not recommend that app.  A couple of those reasons- I was dead wrong about and too stupid to get it.  There are still several reasons to not embrace this app, but I wanted to correct what I had been mistaken about.

A) still stands- there's nothing about spanking on it. The closest it comes is an interest in "impact play"

B) yes, the default is in metric units. I complained that it was hard to tell if someone was attractive based on their height/weight in kilograms/centimeters, much less whether one might be interested in meeting them based on the number of kilometers away they were. Well, uhm... if you go to settings, you can change it from metric to English measurements. So I was wrong to criticize the app for that. Insert Lincoln Chafee joke here.

C) there are cheesy animated flirts or something you can send of a ruler or belt, but apparently you have to pay to send some other illustration to your message.(This argument against it still stands).

D) the app look like it has a drop of blood on it, not appealing to most spankos. This argument still stands;
E) I said that after signing up, I got about 20 men to one woman on my feed of kinksters- well as it turns out this can be fixed- on the settings one can choose to only see the members of the opposite sex who are interested.  So I was wrong on that.  Hopefully I stand corrected and you can use this blog post to make a more informed decision.

Now if I can only figure out how to get it on the English system of measurements AND on women interested at the same time!


  1. I live here and STILL struggle with the Euro measurements... ;) Good luck with it!

  2. Thanks. the app still sucks- despite giving it the benefit of the doubt, the closest woman is still 70+ miles away.