Friday, July 31, 2015

Another way to make your ass hurt

Interesting experience recently... Like many many Texans, I went to Colorado for vacation.  While one might normally think about going to Colorado on vacation in the winter or spring break to go skiing/snowboarding... trust me, a lot of folks go during the summer.  The temperature there, up in the mountains, is about 40 degrees less at any given time.  Sure it's fun when it there's snow in the winter, but it's equally fun to sit on the porch in the morning and see your breath drinking a cup of coffee knowing your friends and co-workers will be suffering through a day of 100+ degree heat back home.

While I was there, I climbed a mountain. Actually, I mostly hiked up a mountain - only had to use my hands a couple of times.  It was a great experience.  Hard work, but amazing views, and lifetime memories. But... the next day my ass hurt. Seriously- it ached and was sore almost like after a spanking. I handled it better than some that went with us. There was a bit of complaining and I witnessed frequent rubbing of butts all around the next day. Imagine doing a bajillion stairstep exercises. Hiking up a mountain is kinda like that. Thighs, calves, abs, arms... not too sore, but (butt?) our collective rear ends were aching.

So in honor of that, I thought I'd post some pictures of cute girls on mountains and my readers can imagine/know that their butts were aching the next day.

This is what I get for doing a search for "hiking butts"... apparently nude hiking is a thing in Europe.
So instead I searched for "sexy women hiking butts" and got things like this:
No- not hiking a football... hiking a mountain!
Let's try sexy hiking:

Nope, still not what I'm looking for.  Uhm.., How about sexy mountain climbing?

okay... better, but still not exactly realistic. How about "hot girl hiking mountain climbing"?

perfect- cute girl, and you know her ass is going to ache the next morning. But not as much as these ladies:
What's this gal doing with her energy drink?
And no body shaming here... older ladies can do it, larger ladies can do it:
The last lady deserves some special recognition for this pic:
Her story of the climb is here. Just wow... an amazing climb, and an amazing ass.

Each of these ladies should be proud of their accomplishment, but I guarantee each of their butts were quite sore the day afterward.  Just one word of advice- don't take too many pics on your iphone on the way up the mountain and then leave it on so it continues to search for service and is dead by the time you make it to the top! 

(I found all of these on google search and if any of the ladies pictured here object to their pics being posted on a spanking blog I totally understand and will take them down, just let me know.)

One other amusing note: I found several pics of I guess very conservative religious ladies climbing mountains in what appears to be Adidas warm up long skirts:
On the other hand, there's this website showing pictures of nude women on top of mountains like this:
Neither extreme was what I was aiming for in this post, but whether fully covered up or out for all the world to see and admire, I guarantee each set of buns were incredibly sore the next day.

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