Friday, October 9, 2015

What's with kinky nurses?

Howdy y'all. Yes I'm still around, still full of naughty playtime rendezvous's (is that a word?) Just sort of missed September among the many months when I've said "howdy y'all, yes I'm still here."

Someone asked me not too long ago to list and describe my play partners... And I thought back... "the hot-as-a-firecracker nurse looking for a sugar daddy, gal looking for a sugar daddy hoping to go to med school, the larger lady (she was a nurse), the one who was just exploring (she was a nurse too), the chiropractor nurse, the I'm not really a nurse anymore I mostly just do paperwork in the office, the nursing home nurse..."

Seriously I was asked about the last 10 play partners I'd been with and 7 of the ten were nurses, 10 of the fifteen... (yes there was the lady in sales, the teacher, airlines, etc...) but the vast majority of kinky ladies I've met are nurses.

I thought that was curious. Why? Nurses are plenty sexy. (then again anything is "sexy" when Halloween costumized)
But c'mon, modern nurses don't dress like that. They wear scrubs, which are intentionally unsexy, or are they?

But nurses are in tune with their bodies. They're attuned with someone else's bodies... and they're perfectly comfortable saying " drop your drawers/panties and bend over... this might sting, but it's for your own good."

My theory is that it's not that nurses are kinkier than an average woman, but they're more accustomed to working with bodies and the infliction of a little bit of pain.  Whatever the reason/rationale... A very high percentage of the women I have played with in a kinky/ spanking context have been involved in the nursing profession, and I have a soft spot for nurses.