Monday, March 28, 2016

should spankos enjoy a video of a HS paddling from a principal?

My last post was about a youtube video that showed (from behind a closed door) a three-swat paddling of a high school senior by her principal. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw it it got my spanking interests piqued.  I recounted my recollection of paddlings in school, each of which registered in my spank brain. But, upon reflection, the more I thought about it the more conflicted about it I felt. 

On the one hand, "Nancy" is a HS senior, presumably 18 years old, who volunteered for a paddling to get her out of a half day of detention.  She walked out smiling. It didn't seem traumatic.  I also presume that she agreed to the recording of this paddling in a release to appear on the show. (This past weekend we visited a church with the in-laws and they wanted to take pictures- I guess our kids and their cousins were cute all dressed up or something, because we were approached by someone asking if we would sign a release so that they could appear on the church's social media. Seriously?)

On the other hand, "Nancy" the senior was paddled by a school official in a real-life instance of corporal punishment. She only kinda-sorta volunteered.  I'm against real-life corporal punishment of children, especially older children. I recall a few years ago there was a video that was posted on youtube of an East Texas judge who spanked his HS aged daughter with a belt, and my reaction to it was revulsion and a triggering of unpleasant personal memories. I thought, not for the first time, about Jillian Keenan* and her courageous/infamous article about how spanking is sexual and should not be used on children.  I thought about William Saletan, another writer for Slate** with whom I've disagreed with in the past, and his courageous article about growing up and being paddled in school in East Texas (and receiving swats as an alternative to detention, just like "Nancy" in the video).  Though I hesitated to make any reference to "Shades of Grey" in reference to spanking, I mentioned spanking the hand of a toddler who can't comprehend the danger of walking out into the street or sticking something in the electrical outlet as not fitting into the black/white dichotomy of spanking should be for consenting adults, not children. I called it off-white/dark charcoal gray. I think it might lead to discussion, and I don't think "Nancy" was traumatized, so I'll leave the link in my last post up, but I'm still not entirely comfortable with it.

*As a total aside, I probably have a bit of a crush on Jillian Keenan. She's smart, cute, and into spanking. Here's a fascinating podcast of her talking about her new book. (I totally have that scene from Dead Poet's Society etched in my brain as well! and yes there seems to be a predominance of verbal spankos -well, and nurses!) And if you (as a spanking blog reader) think she has tough skin after her articles on spanking in Slate and the NYT, my bet is that pales in comparison to the backlash she got for advocating the legalization of plural marriage after it was picked up by Rush Limbaugh. I'm probably more conservative than most spanking bloggers yet I agree with her. The government should acknowledge marriage not determine it. My wife and I got married in another country, and because of a mix-up in paperwork, were not technically married for months after we thought we were. That didn't change anything, and shouldn't have, as far as I'm concerned.
**Yes, Slate is the spankiest of "thought leader" internet magazines, as I have mentioned a time or two before. They like to write about spanking and I hope they continue to do so. I bet their editorial meetings on the subject are interesting.  I just hope they don't mention that someone like me picked up on that fact!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A real life paddling from the HS principal

I stumbled across this in the months when I hadn't posted anything and thought it was worth sharing. I never experienced a school paddling, but I know they took place when I was in school. Heard several describe them- from the vice principal, shop teacher, and coaches; once saw a guy in middle school leaving the office with red teary eyes, and talked to a girl who worked in the office about it. This is the first and only video I've ever seen that records a real one. (Well, kinda. You can hear it through a closed door.) It seems to be from a documentary about corporal punishment in the US. Interestingly, some spankos at some point have found this before- while most videos in this series have between 50-100k views, this one with the paddling is by far the most viewed from the show with several hundred thousand views.

At this high school in Arkansas seniors who get in trouble can either take a day of Saturday detention or three licks with the paddle and a half day of detention. (Fast forward to about a minute in to see her walk into the office and hear the paddling with the door closed.)

I'll admit a little bit of feeling conflicted about the video- I'm against corporal punishment in real life for older children especially. But in this case, she (the one getting paddled) is not only a senior in HS but submitting to corporal punishment voluntarily. And not only that but it's not that harsh-- she's smiling afterward. Perhaps the vice principal was pulling his swats for the benefit of the cameras he knew were recording just outside the door. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

just mostly dead

Hi folks.  I've been thinking about this blog lately. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to give it up, just yet. I enjoy my little outlet to vent and talk about spankings. and politics. and sports. and boobies.

The Princess Bride was one of my favorite movies in about the 5th grade. My friends and I quoted it for years afterward. There was enough humor and enough Andre the Giant and sword fighting that you could embrace it as a boy, even if, like Fred Savage, who I felt like I knew personally from watching the Wonder Years, I was on the cusp of caring about girls. The next year when it came out on VHS our teacher played it the day before the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays because we weren't doing anything anyway and I'm sure in retrospect, she was ready to get out of there too. At some point in the movie, I looked over at Lisa. She looked back, and then we both quickly looked away- neither of us ready for romance, but we were both thinking about it.

I introduced my kids to The Princess Bride recently, and saw the scene with Billy Crystal and thought about this blog.

I have a lot to catch up on if I'm going to start blogging again.  Let's see, where should I start?

Speaking of the Princess Bride, as a young boy, other than the aforementioned "Lisa" I had a huge crush on the Princess Bride herself.  There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world, and I really hoped she didn't damage hers.

Speaking of the Princess Bride, I've thought about posting something on this blog to resurrect it for the last couple of weeks, but by the time the day is over and I have some free time, well... instead of logging in here, I've finished this season of House of Cards.
Yes, the Princess Bride is Claire Underwood. And she's still smokin' hot.  But the series is plenty dark.  I watched it with my wife, and she's far more interested in the silliness of Claire's family living in Highland Park but having a stable, or Claire's dresses than the politics...
But... speaking of politics... we did have the following conversation:

"That's crazy! His wife, the First Lady as Vice President?!"

"Well, Hillary was the First Lady and she's running."

"But, I mean, actually trying to get votes at the convention? I thought conventions didn't matter and it was all decided ahead of time, right?!"

"Well... yeah for the past several decades.  But the Republicans are trying everything they can now to have a contested convention because of Trump.  It IS kinda crazy but it's not that far-fetched"

So, speaking of politics... WTF America? It's like the writers were in about season 9 or 10, needed to shake things up... "I know, let's have Trump win the R nomination, and go against Hillary!" America is about to officially "Jump the Shark"

And speaking of watching TV, I bet a good number of you (well, assuming anyone still reads this blog) have been watching the NCAA basketball tournament.  Afterwards there will be a number of coaches "On the hotseat" that's yet another mainstream phrase that triggers spankos.

a much more enjoyable hotseat- I bet her butt still burns!

But having said all that, I leave you with a link to a story about a hotseat I read years (decades) ago that's still on the internet- Mary Catherine's spanking where she's left not in the corner after a spanking but with her bare bottom perched on a dryer,  Hot indeed.