Thursday, March 24, 2016

A real life paddling from the HS principal

I stumbled across this in the months when I hadn't posted anything and thought it was worth sharing. I never experienced a school paddling, but I know they took place when I was in school. Heard several describe them- from the vice principal, shop teacher, and coaches; once saw a guy in middle school leaving the office with red teary eyes, and talked to a girl who worked in the office about it. This is the first and only video I've ever seen that records a real one. (Well, kinda. You can hear it through a closed door.) It seems to be from a documentary about corporal punishment in the US. Interestingly, some spankos at some point have found this before- while most videos in this series have between 50-100k views, this one with the paddling is by far the most viewed from the show with several hundred thousand views.

At this high school in Arkansas seniors who get in trouble can either take a day of Saturday detention or three licks with the paddle and a half day of detention. (Fast forward to about a minute in to see her walk into the office and hear the paddling with the door closed.)

I'll admit a little bit of feeling conflicted about the video- I'm against corporal punishment in real life for older children especially. But in this case, she (the one getting paddled) is not only a senior in HS but submitting to corporal punishment voluntarily. And not only that but it's not that harsh-- she's smiling afterward. Perhaps the vice principal was pulling his swats for the benefit of the cameras he knew were recording just outside the door. 


  1. I believe any naughty woman should be spanked on her bare bottom, be it the teen-age girl, female teacher, or female principal. Yes, bare their derriere, and cane them.

  2. If I was the Principal of that school, naughty teen-age girl Nancy would have received a knickers down caning on her bare bottom.

  3. Can't believe paddling is still used in schools on mature students wow!

  4. The most recent responses were long ago, not to mention how long ago the actual punishment occurred, but I agree with this blogger in feeling conflicted about this. I don't necessarily think the principal intended to smirk, but he looked at least potentially lecherous enough... so I agree with school policies I have heard of to require same sex of the official and the student being punished. I agree with c/p opponents, it is hard to believe there's nothing "erotic" involved in that situation... although the student accepted it - much to her credit, IMO.