Sunday, April 3, 2016

In with the old...

Spanking blogs come and go. It's natural. Someone into spanking reads blogs, and thinks, "Hey I could do that! I have important things to say about spanking!" ...and they eventually get their courage up or get a moment of ambition and they start a blog. 

But... It takes awhile for a blog to gain a readership, and at the beginning they're just kind of talking to themselves. Still one of my most-read posts is one about this phenomenon- first posts are cool. To help new spanking bloggers gain an audience, for years Bonnie would post a list of new spanking blogs on her blog called "in with the new" providing links to new blogs and even helpfully color-coding them by type. You weren't really a spanking blogger until you've been featured on an "in with the new" post.  That's a task that was taken over briefly by Hermione, then since by a blog that's gone private.  --edit: and now hosted by Ronnie's blog. Thanks Hermione!

Having an audience is great. You can interact with others in comment or collaborating. It's fun. But... blogging can be a lot of work. At some point you run out of things to say about spanking that haven't already been said several time before. At some point you realize you're not writing on your blog because it's fun, but because you now have an audience and you feel compelled to post something. At some point, if you have limited personal "naughty time" on the internet perhaps there's greater utility and personal enjoyment out of spending that time reading spanking stories or looking at hot pictures or watching videos than in writing on your blog. Sometimes one becomes over-saturated with spanking and you'd rather spend your precious personal time on the internet reading and watching things like sports or politics or your other hobbies or something obscure on YouTube or Netflix. So blogs fade away. I posted something just a year after my blog was featured on the "in with the new" post about my "class" and most were no longer active.  I looked at my blog roll recently and there are several that haven't been updated in over a year. I should update it. Exacerbating this is that more and more we consume the internet on our phones or tablets, and I have discovered that trying to blog from those platforms is a real pain in the ass (and not in a good way!)

But... at some point maybe you realize there was a reason you enjoyed blogging, and maybe you miss it.  I've noticed a bit of a mini trend: spanking bloggers recently re-engaging after having taken a break.

Oh, and yous truly.  I took a break and have attempted to re-engage. I missed it. Perhaps it would help if I updated my blog roll! I bet I'm missing several bloggers who were active and have recently tried to re-engage- feel free to let me know in the comments.