Thursday, July 21, 2016

Painal - it's a thing; and Kobe Bryant

Apologies and fair warnings in advance- this may be a bit more sexually graphic than most of my posts here...

I recently talked with a fellow spanko about her recent playdate. She didn't give me a total play-by-play but described what happened: she was well spanked, they played with ginger, and then it ended with a "punishment anal."  Record scratch... wait, what? Yes, I've read about painful anal sex in several spanking romances. It's almost sort of a trope of the genre. My friend Natasha Knight includes some especially naughty anal scenes, and my friend Morganna Williams posted something fairly recently that's another good example of the phenomenon.  But I figured those were just over-the-top made-up stories for the benefit of horny spanking romance readers... I guess I was wrong. I've heard of "thank-you BJ's" after a spanking but this was the first instance of a "punishment anal" I've heard someone tell me about.

My immediate reaction was practical- I hope he wore a condom, cause what if he just pulled the ginger root out, stuck his dick in, and the remaining ginger oil burned his penis?? (I'm reminded of the one time I played with a violet wand and was worried the spark would catch a fart on fire!)

Frankly, I have relatively limited experience with anal sex, though I recognize many (most?) spankos are into it.  From my limited experience I prefer good ole-fashioned traditional sex to butt sex.   Yes, the sphincter is tight, but once you're fully in, the fun tight sphincter is around the base of the shaft, while the more sensitive rest of the penis is encountering who knows what that's not that tight- vs. a "traditional" female sex organ that's tighter the further in you go. Does that make sense?

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is not as much fun as

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But the internet has evolved since I started this blog... there's a subreddit for "painal" of course, if you're into that sort of thing.

I find the whole idea of "painal" a little, uhm... uncomfortable. Yes, spankings are supposed to hurt.  but some of those videos look really nonconsentually (I know that's not a real word). and they make me uncomfortable. which is weird, I guess, because I'm perfectly comfortable watching a woman get spanked, and that hurts a lot.

When I think of anal sex, I think of Kobe Bryant.  I'm weird, I know.  Kobe Bryant is one of the all time greats in the NBA, and he retired recently. He was once accused of raping a waitress at a Colorado hotel, but the details are sketchy. According to the urban dictionary, "Kobe style" is to "go anal without permission during consensual sex, thus making the sex non-consensual."  There was a settlement with the victim, and I assume a non-disparagement clause with that settlement, but here she is rapping about how he made her ass bleed.

Anyway, after I wrote a post about blogging again I quit for a few months, and got some late comments that went into the to-be-moderated pile, but just thought I'd share this topic as it hadn't come up yet in my commentary on spanking.

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  1. Omg your little doodle/emoji of traditional vs. butt sex is cracking me up! Lol!

    It's also surprisingly enlightening! I honestly had never considered that might be an issue!

    I must admit that anal sex is not my thing! I guess I'm the odd man (woman!) out on the "most spankos are into anal" generalization!

    As for for using anal stuff for punishment? I think I'll stick to my spankings, thx. :)