Friday, November 18, 2016

Love Our Lurkers Day

Yup, I'm still around, and somewhat surprisingly, I still have lurkers, or at least those that are just discovering my blog.

"What?!" you might be saying, "you haven't really posted anything new since July?!"

And you'd be right...

But as anyone that's read my blog for a long time knows, I really like my hamburger spanking analogy, and have used it so much that I adopted the hamburger as my avatar on here. Well, the picture below was sent to me by someone new to my blog, since my last post a few months ago.

Isn't it cute?  The bruise is from her recent spanking, obviously. (Sadly, not by my hand.)

I'll try to post more, but no promises. I'm happy though that my content remains and new folks continue to discover it.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Yes, I'm still here, and will be participating. Thanks to Hermione for organizing. Not sure which logo to use though.
and no, I'm not going on a political rant, instead will just sigh pray for my country. We'll survive.  I'll leave y'all with a few Trump/Hillary spanking pics: