Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Trump and spanking

So what's the point of having a blog if you cant say what you feel like saying? I haven't updated my blog very often lately. Several times I've thought about doing so, but what's on my mind late at night is too often either college sports or politics, not spanking, and for those that want to read a spanking blog, well... my guess is that you don't want to read my opinions on football, basketball, or politics. Fair enough.

But Fuck it- no one reads my blog anyway, so I'll get some things off my chest.

I've voted Republican most of the times I could vote.  Back in 1994 as a 16 year old I wrote an essay that was picked up and published by several papers about how they should lower the voting age to 16.  I'd bought a car and was paying my insurance, dammit! (it's surprising , but some things from this era are not on the internet.)  I've met Poppa Bush, Bill Clinton (well shook his hand briefly), Bob Dole, and George W. Bush (who is really funny and charming in person.)  I guess you could say I'm very establishment.  Well, kinda- back in my most active days I campaigned for a Democrat, and had lunch with a TX high school football legend, but in reality that district was one of the few hold outs that didn't trust Republicans dating back to reconstruction...

Having said that, I really didn't like Hillary. She's not as charismatic as her husband, and they've both skirted the line of political corruption. She had direct links to a $400k political donations to the wife of an FBI agent investigating her.  Her classified State Department emails-which were subject of an investigation- were found on the laptop of the ex-boyfriend (and former congressman) of one of her aides, after this laptop was confiscated in conjunction with an investigation related to soliciting minors for sex. Seriously. Not only that, but I have it second hand that she'd terrible to work with/work for.  She was a terrible candidate, her speeches were uninspiring, and the primary thing she had going for her was the fact that, unlike any other major party candidate in the history of the United States, she had a vagina. Well, and, she's competent.

Still, I held my nose and voted for her. Because Trump is an absolute moron. Rex Tillerson, our current Secretary of State, is in trouble because it came out that a few months ago, after leaving a meeting with president Trump, He referred to Trump as a "fucking moron"and it got reported. I cant imagine being the Secretary of State and having your efforts constantly thwarted and reacting to Trump's nighttime tweets. Tillerson was about the 5th choice after everyone else had turned the position down. it's an impossible position when you can't trust your superior to back you up.

I really dislike Trump, but apparently hes quite kinky, and into golden showers. I dont hold that against him. we all have our unique fetishes, right? And every time John Oliver or Steven colbert brings it up I cant help but have an ounce of sympathy- what if Trump were into spanking? To my knowledge there's not an especially active golden shower/watersports blogging community. Would they all jump to his defense if there were?
deep thoughts, by Marky Marks

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Zombie Spanking blogs arise from the dead...

Yes, I'm still here. the golden age of spanking blogs may be behind us, but... perhaps that means we can say what we want without worrying about what our readers will think.
It's funny, and timely, that I looked up zombie spanko and found several videos on youtube about this series.
Yep. It's pretty relevant. Zombies and spankos. And eating the brains of a dominatrix, even with cream gravy.One thing they obviously don't understand- the flesh of your palm, the flesh on the bottom, resilient, stinging- its almost as if spanking is a celebration of anti zombieism.